Todd understands and embraces complex ideas and translates them with passion and ease.  He has a unique knack for coupling  a deep grasp of scientific and technical concepts,  with an uncommonly impressive ability for subsequent intelligent relay. The result? An extremely engaging delivery. Using a long history of experience in both high-tech and national media at companies like Cisco, Intel, IBM, FOX Business, and NewsTalk Television, Todd is tapped by science and technology companies and communities to  facilitate creative dialogue and  communicate their messages, technologies, ideas, and groundbreaking, world-changing offerings to audiences of all types.
Since 2001, Todd has been busy with his own company, and has focused on the detailed technology behind transformative companies and ideas such as Tesla Motors, Google’s “moonshot” projects, SpaceX, Bitcoin, future transportation, space, quantified self, personalized medicine, and advanced energy technologies, with the goal of educating entrepreneurs, stakeholders and the general public about the ideas and capabilities that are rapidly creating our future.

Say Something Smart – DO Something Smarter